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Solution Items

Solution Items

In practice, the content you will add most often to a solution is project related. But items

can be added directly to a solution as well. Collectively, the term

solution items refers to

any nonproject file that is attached to a solution. Because we know that solutions can't be

compiled, it stands to reason that files added at the solution level serve no practical

purpose from a compilation perspective. There are various reasons, however, that you may

want to add solution items to your solution. For instance, this is a convenient way to store

documentation that applies to the solution as a whole. Because you can add any type of

file to a solution, this could take the form of documents, notes to other developers, design

specifications, or even source code files from other solutions that may have some impact

or bearing on the work at hand.

By default, Visual Studio supports a few types of solution items that can be created directly

from within the IDE. They are grouped within four categories. Within each category are

various file types that can be generated by Visual Studio. Table 4.1 shows the supported


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